About me

Hi, I’m Phinnah Chichi

Owner/Founder, Executive Coach

I am a passionate Parenting Teens Educator/Consultant and a Personal Development Coach for Teens who has worked with parents of teens and teens for over 10 years.

A mother to one young adult and two teens. I am dedicated to Educating, Empowering, Encouraging and Equipping parents with the right tools to help themselves and their teens as they navigate this adolescent journey.

I believe that raising teens does not have to stressful. When we know better are parents, we do better.

It is my mission to help, support, disrupt wrong parenting habits/norms and transform the lives of families through serving both parents of teens and their teens.

As a Personal Development Coach for Teens, my vision is for teenagers to believe in their necessity and uniqueness. I do this by helping them build their Confidence, grow in the Character values, and stand out in their Communication using my unique Personal Development Toolbox for Teens.

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Do You Want to Improve Your Life?

Close the gap between where you are today – and where you want to be. My way of coaching is to empower you in becoming the Leader you want to be.


Here are the services that we provide.

We work directly with Parents through

- Workshops offline and online
- Coffee Mornings/Breakfast Meetings
- Group Coaching
- One on One Coaching

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We work directly with Parents through

We work with Schools

We work with primary and secondary schools helping them to support and work towards building more effective School-Parent-Child Partnership via
- On site/Online Seminars
- Parent Coffee Mornings
- Parent Support Workers Coaching
- Staff Trainings
- Parenting Teens Advice Classes

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We work with Schools

We work with Organisations

We work with Organisations who support their working parents through providing them parenting solutions to help them as they balance work and home life. We do these through:
- Lunch time seminars (Offline/Online)
- Parent Group Coaching
- One to one coaching for parents the organisation recommends or refers to us.

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We work with Organisations


Words of praise by some of my valuable clients who has seen staggering growth after signing up to my coaching services.

Meeting Amanda has definitely been a game changer for me. Her perspective on things is so clear and she's so knowledgable that she taught me and showed me a totally new way to view myself and my own capabilities, and now I'm reaching goals within weeks that I thought would take me years.

Ruth RersleyCEO

Amanda provided me some invaluable advices. I am very satisfied with how I was attended. Her mentorship has truly helped me to increase my sales. If you want to see your business growing and move towards the right direction then I highly recommend you to try Amanda's services.

Natia GutowskiFinance Head

I have worked with Amanda for several years now. She has helped me with a particularly difficult period in my life, and helped me find my way back. Most of all she taught me to embrace all of my life, and to delight in the things that matter most, and not to be consumed by the things that matter less.

Anthony MarkleCEO, VegFest London
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