Parents make up a large proportion of the working population and supporting them through services that we provide helps to boast morale in parents who feel torn between their home life and work life, improves productivity and helps retain staff in the long run. Organisations who take on similar services like ours report a significant decrease in employees absent days, which in turn saves the organisations thousands of pounds.

We believe that the Wellbeing and the Mental health of your employees are key to your overall success as an organisation and so investing in these areas helps you.

Every working parent faces a mental dilemma everyday as they go to work and leave their kids at schools, after school clubs or with childminders. A kind of guilt may overwhelm them. Some can brush past this guilt and get on with their work, while some others are more affected by it and this robs off on their morale at work, their productivity, their relationships with their colleagues and their personal growth.

Many parents feel that they have done enough of school in their younger years and therefore don’t need extra classes. That is why we intentionally don’t call it Parenting Classes. We design our workshops to make parents feel comfortable, not judged, relaxed to share and encouraged. Our workshops are interactive and very conversational, and we respect and acknowledge the fact that all parents are on different stages of our parenting journey.

Our workshops are unique, and we cater to whatever settings that Organisations prefer for their employees. (Group workshops, One on One coaching, Lunch time seminars, After work seminars, weekend seminars etc).

We also work with Organisations who serve many parents such as Churches. Our workshops for churches are specifically designed and based on biblical principles, bridging the gap of understanding between parents and their teens, understanding the mind of the 21st century teen and communicating better on issues that affect today’s teens.