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We work directly with Parents

– Workshops offline and online
– Coffee Mornings/Breakfast Meetings
– Group Coaching
– One on One Coaching

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We work with Schools

We work with primary and secondary schools helping them to support and work towards building more effective School-Parent-Child Partnership via
– On site/Online Seminars
– Parent Coffee Mornings
– Parent Support Workers Coaching
– Staff Trainings
– Parenting Teens Advice Classes

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We work with Organisations

We work with Organisations who support their working parents through providing them parenting solutions to help them as they balance work and home life. We do these through:
– Lunch time seminars (Offline/Online)
– Parent Group Coaching
– One to one coaching for parents the organisation recommends or refers to us.

We cover a range of topics that concerns today’s parents of teenagers. From the use of social media, relationships, success in schools, self-esteem, bullying, confidence, teens behaviour etc. We also cover tailor-based topics recommended by the working parents.

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