About me

Hi, I’m Phinnah Chichi

Owner/Founder, Executive Coach

I am a passionate Parenting Teens Educator/Consultant and a Personal Development Coach for Teens who has worked with parents of teens and teens for over 10 years.

A mother to one young adult and two teens. I am dedicated to Educating, Empowering, Encouraging and Equipping parents with the right tools to help themselves and their teens as they navigate this adolescent journey.

I believe that raising teens does not have to stressful. When we know better are parents, we do better.

It is my mission to help, support, disrupt wrong parenting habits/norms and transform the lives of families through serving both parents of teens and their teens.

As a Personal Development Coach for Teens, my vision is for teenagers to believe in their necessity and uniqueness. I do this by helping them build their Confidence, grow in the Character values, and stand out in their Communication using my unique Personal Development Toolbox for Teens.