About Parenting Teens Solutions

“When we know better as parents, we do better.”

We are a top leading Parenting Teens Support Organisation that supports parents of tweens and teens to learn, unlearn and relearn ways to navigate from just surviving the teen years to thriving through the teen years.

Our Vision is for parents to become more purposeful in raising teens who are secure in who they are and recognises their necessity in society.

Our Mission is to inspire parents to intentionally and purposefully on a daily basis help prepare their teens grow into adults who are secure in who they are, compassionate, emotionally intelligent, recognises their necessity, has a vision and is motivated and driven to achieve that vision.

Our Core Values:
The vehicle that gets us to our mission and vision are found in
Our Values: PARENTS

Positive & Peaceful – Our solution minded approach is positive and peaceful based.
Adaptable & Accessible – As a needs led organisation, we are aware of the changing needs of parents and keep ourselves adaptable in the services and products we deliver to parents. We thrive to have accessible parenting support and resources.
Relationship-Based – Everything we do is founded on the focus to enhance all parent-child relationships. We put the emotional and mental needs of young people at the core of all our products and services.
Excellence & Encouraging – Delivering excellence service is at the core of our operations. Parents leave our sessions more encouraged to apply the solutions learnt.
Non-Judgmental Space – Parenting can be very challenging. Every parent deserves a non-judgmental voice to them and for them. We will listen to parents’ challenges and advice and support them with no judgments whatsoever.

Transformational – Everything we do is centred around evolving and transformations in parenting.

Safety & Synergy: We provide a safe space for families and thrive to work together and partner with a wider range of settings including schools, corporates, community groups and religious centres.

“Parenting is more than a role. It’s a behaviour, It’s an example, It’s a template of character. It’s a relationship.” Phinnah Chichi.

The Solution Minded Parenting Model:

The Solutions-Minded Parenting Model (SMPM) is a relationship-based parenting model with a blend of other evidence-based, and parent tested models which focuses on the parent’s evolving relationship with their children as they become teens and young adults.

Many great parenting models cover from ages 0-19 yr. in general, yet we know that there is a major shift that happens when our children become teenagers and a specific parenting model to cover that phase is necessary. Other great models such as (positive parenting, conscious parenting, and the Non-Violent Resistance models) are very vital and foundational to the Solution Minded Parenting Model.


The adolescent years are riddled with lots of changes and challenges. Changes in the brain development of adolescents, changes in their views, challenges in their friendship’s groups, with schoolwork/choices/behaviours expectations, negative peer pressure and including the rise in technology requires an evolved  parenting approach that works for both adolescents and their parents.

An approach that recognises the teens as the growing adults they are becoming and treats them in an evolved manner that connects more to the developing brain of the teenager.

Solution Minded Parenting focuses on nurturing a wholesome relationship between parents and teens through evolved communication and connection.

A wholesome relationship that fosters the mental and emotional growth of teenagers.

The solution-minded parent’s values are 

Commitment to understanding the changes.

Peace & Respect as we parent them through the challenging and non-challenging times

Being Positive in how we think and talk.

Our Growth as our teens grow.

Overall, the solution-minded parent is open to Learning, Unlearning and Relearning (LUR) throughout the journey as they grow with their teens.