Partnerships with Corporates/Organisations (Employers)

Parenting Teens Solutions works with standout employers who are committed to supporting parents in the workplace. 

Employers who embrace the evolving society we live in today and adapt to stay relevant recognise that their employee’s well being plays a huge part in their overall productivity. Parenting challenges have its indirect effects on productivity with parent low morale, time off requests from work, mental health concerns. (the list can go on.)

Successful ways of mitigating challenges that undermine employee wellbeing includes providing parenting support for employees.

With parenting programmes such as ours, covering the concerns and challenges of parents, we are not only helping the parents, but we are helping the organisations as well.

We offer Employers with workplace wellbeing programmes

Parent/ carer employees group coaching  

One to one coaching for parent/carer employees recommended or referred to us by the Employer.

Topics we offer cover a range of concerns and challenges today’s parents of teenagers are faced with.

 Having those difficult conversations.

Setting boundaries that teens will respect.

Managing teens’ behaviour.

Supporting and nurturing Teens’ mental health.

Building self-esteem in your Teens, 

Filling Your Own Cup Programme (for parent/carer employees)

The use of social media, relationships, success in schools, bullying, confidence, etc. In addition, we also cover tailor-based topics recommended by the working parents.