Our children will spend a good amount of their time at schools during their teenage years and so it is very vital that we keep the partnerships between schools and parents very close.

As parents, working hand in hand with schools is a win-win for us. As an ex-parent governor for 4 years and a current school governor in my 2nd year, I see both sides of the relationship and know how valuable this partnership is for our children, for us as parents and for the school.


Make your parent evenings even more effective by adding a Parent Talk to it as an introduction before they go out to see individual subject teachers.

This short 5-10 presentation has been seen to increase parents’ motivation and enthusiasm about helping as much as they can and being more involved.


A way to get more parents involved with schools is by organising coffee mornings or after school talks where they can share their concerns and schools can share their plans and their concerns as well.

Our services here includes facilitating the chats and being that motivating and encouraging voice for the parents. Sharing parenting tips that work and success stories. We make these chats very informal and relaxed and parents always go home with tools and tips they can use at homes.